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A1 Web Hosting Solutions is proud to announce that we are celebrating our 2nd year anniversary this week. It would have not been possible without the support of our customers, management team and server provider. We currently have over 162 accounts and close to 200 sites hosted. We have strict policies of “no overselling” of our server resources and making sure that one site does not load server and affect the other clients.

Here is a brief History of how we as a company family have evolved.
September, registered
Last day of September – with support from Nick, a nice hosting deal struck and gets hosted.
Early October, 2005 our first client signs up. (Sadly we lost contact with him, we fear the worse might have happened, as billing/communication was abruptly terminated and his domain expired too)
Last week of October, 2005, our 2nd client signs up (and is currently still hosted with us)
November, 2005 – Seo Gurus Jim Westergren, and Marcus Westberg signed up (currently still hosting more than 3-10 websites with us). Along with them their friend Jalmerot, Markus also signed up (to this date I get confused between Marcus and Markus all the time, they are both friends and live few blocks away from each other)
December, 2005 – Siblu known as Imteaz on most forums, signed up after getting frustrated with Bravehost, and hosts now more than 10-20 websites with us. I personally had to upgrade his account several time, and it was not a pretty sight at times, but he is very understanding.
From 2006-2007 we have been lucky getting the best customers any hosting company could only dream about. Early 2006 we got had our first client, Craig, signup for the Yearly package and is still hosting with us. At this point I would like to mention that there are now 10 customers with yearly hosting packages.
Our signup rate is not high as some might think, because we are not a small time hosting company, just try to put a smile on those who host with us. Aaron for example, has never paid on-time for the last 8 months, only way to get his attention is to suspend his site after weeks of overdue payment, but still he hosts with us maybe because he understanding and enjoys our hosting. Aaron if you are reading this, your next payment due is on 23rd!!

A1 Web Hosting Solutions would also like to thank following providers:
Steadfast Networks – thanks Karl
TailorMadeServers – thanks Jose

Also, would like to thank following server management companies:
Rack911 – thanks Steven
Jonesolutions - thanks Jone

Before I forget, new and existing customers can signup for 2 months of free hosting using coupon code “2ndanniversary”. A small fee will be charged however to prevent fraudulent signups. 2nd month no fee will be charged we will mark your invoice that you receive as “Paid”. Above coupon is valid for Lite Shared Hosting plans, Starter and Personal Reseller Plans only.
Thank you all !!!!!
Your Host , Sumeet

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"Some people say you get what you pay for but as far as I'm concerned with A1 you get more than what you pay for." Smcugno

"Would recommend to friends and family" Hedgehog

"The admin/support at has been most helpful " Marcus

"Just perfect. Would Recommend this host to everyone but in particular to newbies" Siblu

"A1WHS is probably one of if not the best and most affordable hosts out there right now" Aaron

"I would highly recommend hosting with A1 Web Hosting Solutions. I am ever so pleased and very happy" Samantha

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