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A1 Web Hosting Solutions Frequently Asked Questions

What nameservers do I need to use for my website?



Do you offer sub domain hosting? (i.e yoursite.a1whs.com)

Yes, We offer subdomain hosting but you will need to use the contact form and tell us what subdomain or sitename you would prefer and the plan you would like to order. We will send you signup link for that particular hosting plan.

What are your payment methods?

We accept paypal payments from verified members only and all major credit cards, also echecks can be used to send payment also. More info available at http://www.a1whs.com/payment.php

Do you have any site/server load policy?

Yes we do. Any site found to be causing server to load will be suspended or terminated ASAP depending on the severity of the situations till the issue is resolved by the site owner.This done to protect the interest of other clients present on the server.

How long does it take for my account to be created?

Accounts are setup and operational within 5 minutes after payment has been recieved.If it takes more than 5 minutes contact us.If it if found that your not verified paypal member we reserve the right to deny you service offering full refund within 72 hrs of the paypment.

Are adult websites allowed?

Yes, as long as they do not violate any of our TOS or those of the Datacenter itself. No illegal porn,or links to such sites shall be tolerated, child porn is not allowed under any circumstances.

Can I host international domains such as .be, .in,.ca etc?

Yes. We allow all domain extensions as long as they are legal sites.

How often are backups done?

We back up each account weekly . While we try our best; it's always a good idea to back up your site everyday. We are not responsible for lost content.

Does it cost extra for Fantastico and Rvskins ?

No,both Fantastico and Rvskins are provided for free.

Does Server Support Php 5 ?

Yes, Server supports both Php 4 and Php 5. For running your php5 scripts just include this line in your .htacces file : AddHandler application/x-httpd-php5 .php. Please visit http://www.php5test.a1whs.com to see php5 in action. To veirfy use this code in your php file with above line included in your .htaccess file : echo PHP_VERSION; output displayed would be something like this : http://www.php5test.a1whs.com/test.php

Is root access available?

No. Unless you plan to become our partner. Use contact form if you would like to be partner of A1 Web Hosting Solutions.

Is SSH access available?

No. However under certain circumstances we might agree to offer jailshell, for which you would need to contact us, some documents might be requested from you for secuirty reasons.

How do I access my cpanel (control panel to mange your site)?

http://www.a1whs.com/cpanel or or


http://yoursite.com/cpanel ("yoursite.com" is your domain name) but it takes few hours initially for propagation of any nameserver changes you make to you domain, so we suggest you use for the time it takes the changes to propagate.

If you are a reseller you can access your WHM (Web Hosting Manager) either via your Cpanel (there is a WHM icon in Cpanel) or via or http://www.a1whs.com/whm or http://yoursite.com/whm

How do I access my E-Mail?

For each of your domain email account, say account1@yoursite.com you would can login via http://www.a1whs.com/webmail or or http://yoursite.com/webmail , you will need to enter your username in the format : account1@yoursite.com , simply using account1 for username will not work.

You can also use

Check main e-mail online
Check domain e-mail online links present at bottom lower left corner of your Control Panel.

How do I access my FTP?

ftp://a1whs.com or

ftp://yoursite.com ("yoursite.com" is your domain name)

Do you allow Overselling for Resellers ?

A1 Web Hosting Solutions follows "no-overselling" principle at all cost and expect the same from our clients, however if overselling is done and is not "extreme overselling" we do not mind, but if we see you selling 10 gigs space and 100 gigs bandwidth on a 5 Gig reseller plan we will send you warning and if no action is taken from your end, we will be forced to suspend your account. Overselling is an act of deceiving others and we do not appreciate it, so please do not oversell.


How to change nameservers in your domain's control panel?

We have setup a small faq section on forums for Godaddy accounts so please check this topic for those with domains with godaddy. Almost same procedure applies to all domain control panel, you will need to locate the nameserver option in each and change them from their default value or custom values(in case of previous host), to ns1.a1whs.com and ns2.a1whs.com. For those who order custom nameservers (available to resellers only) will need to enter their custom nameservers in that field.

How often is the Server Rebooted ?

We do not reboot server unless required for critical updates. The longest time server was for was 83 days. You can look at server status and for how long server has been running at http://www.a1whs.com/uptime.php. The server load shown there is real time average of load over span of 30 minutes.

Do you monitor Server 24x7?

Yes, server is monitored 24x7 and in events of any service failure its fixed within 15 mins of time span. We run secuirty audits and scans every week to keep server running 24/7 without issues, daily updates are done at night, so if server load is over 1.00 at anytime than you can be sure either scan or updates or backups are taking place at that moment and should not be alarmed.

If you have any other questions which you feel did not get answered above, feel free to use forums or contact form. There is FAQ section on Forums discussing other frequently asked questions.


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"Some people say you get what you pay for but as far as I'm concerned with A1 you get more than what you pay for." Smcugno

"Would recommend a1whs.com to friends and family" Hedgehog

"The admin/support at a1whs.com has been most helpful " Marcus

"Just perfect. Would Recommend this host to everyone but in particular to newbies" Siblu

"A1WHS is probably one of if not the best and most affordable hosts out there right now" Aaron

"I would highly recommend hosting with A1 Web Hosting Solutions. I am ever so pleased and very happy" Samantha

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