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A1 Web Hosting Solutions Server Uptime Stats

A1 Web Hosting Solutions uses services of Siteuptime to monitor its uptime. Please note we do reboot the server occassioanly and if during that duration site is checked via siteuptime it will report it as a downtime. Use the uptime button to look at uptime stats.

Server Uptime Report

March Outage 2008 Detail can be Found Here . If any major outages happen we will post them on the forums, and let our clients know of. If you see no outages information/anncouncements on forums, means we did not have any major outages :)

Below is live server uptime staus and displays for how long the server has been running after the last reboot. Reboot will reset the live server uptime stats.

Live Server Uptime Status



Server Hardware :

Click Image to Enlarge.

Hard Drive : SSD

RAM : 64 GB



Check Phpinfo for the modules and options enabled.




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