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About A1 Web Hosting Solutions

A1 Web Hosting Solutions has been operating and providing customers with headache free services since 2005. We started with a small free reseller account and now have our own server and a server management company to look after our server, through day and night, making sure sites are always up and running. We started small and we have no desire to be the biggest hosting company in the world, but we strive to be the world’s best, providing customers piece of mind and an end to their search for finding the right host.

A1 Web Hosting Solutions operates out of Colo4Dallas in Dallas, TX. Centrally located in the heartland of United States, our customers experience great connectivity to any part of the country or the world! We manage our server remotely as we are ourselves are located in Canada itself. All our servers are monitored by Acunett Server Management Team, 24/7 and it will notify them to take necessary steps depend on the event that is triggered. Their support has been great and we did not have any major downtimes over the period of 2 years now.

We understand reliable hardware means better uptime for you, but it also means less work for us so we make sure our servers have the best parts to fulfill their duties non-stop and help you along the way. We have chosen Athlon 64 X2 4600, with 2 Gig Ram and 2x250 HDD for the ultimate experience and blazing speeds utilizing 100mbps connection over the 10mbps connection we had 3 months back (in year 2006).

A1 Web Hosting Solutions has undergone lots of changes over the past year, we got several hardware and software upgrade applied to the server. Latest software upgrade included upgrading from Centos 4.x to Centos 5 Operating System and from Cpanel 10 to Cpanel 11. Other major upgrades included are Fantastico, RvSkins, and RvSite Builder, to provide customers with tools to get their sites up and running in matter of minutes, and easy means to install add-ons to their websites to increase the productivity of their websites.
If you are our customer you probably know by now that we go beyond our call of duty and help you out with installation of scripts and troubleshoot the issues you might have with your websites. Why do we do this? Cause we believe in customer satisfaction and treat every customer as our friend. We are here to support you all the way because your business is important to us. We are proud to say we have handful of clients who are with us for over 2 years now ! Now that speaks words that we are not just about hosting your sites, we are about caring for your sites.

If you're not already a customer, we encourage you to try us out today. Ask around, and you will quickly understand why once you try A1 Web Hosting Solutions, you will never look back.

Refund 100% Customer Satisfaction

Fine Print

Although we try to provide the quickest response time, at times it might be delayed and can take upto few hours to look into your support ticket. So, please if you are expecting ZIPPITY-ZIP response times, we are sorry to say that we are not the right solution for your hosting needs. However no ticket goes unreplied for more than 12 hrs.

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"Some people say you get what you pay for but as far as I'm concerned with A1 you get more than what you pay for." Smcugno

"Would recommend to friends and family" Hedgehog

"The admin/support at has been most helpful " Marcus

"Just perfect. Would Recommend this host to everyone but in particular to newbies" Siblu

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