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A1 Web Hosting Solutions Network Background

A1 Web Hosting Solutions server is currently housed in Colo4dallas to provide its customers with superior network connectivity. The Colo4Dallas network provides the best of all worlds: BGP to support multiple providers, enhanced by the Internap 5200 flow control platform. Forget about the shortest or theoretical best route - our Internap FCP appliance definitively identifies the fastest route for your data. If it senses any latency or packet loss in the chosen direction, it reroutes around it. And, it won't send traffic on a long, circuitous cross-country route just to avoid AS hops. With diverse entrances and FCP, the Colo4Dallas network sends traffic down the smartest path.

More about - Colo4Dalls Bandwidth (Taken from
Our premium network, optimized for performance, directly connects you to three tier 1 providers: Level 3, Time Warner and Internap. Unlike other providers that optimize to the lowest-cost route, Colo4Dallas ensures maximum speed and reliability for your data - and clean IP addresses.

The Colo4Dallas premium network offers the redundancy of BGP enhanced by our Internap 5200 flow control platform (FCP). This multicarrier intelligent routing appliance identifies the absolute fastest route across Internet backbones, improving performance 15 to 25 percent. In addition, we use gigabit ethernet connections (1 Gbps) from all three providers, minimizing congestion. The fully redundant Cisco architecture uses 6509 Layer3 switches.

Pipe Sizes/Bandwidth Speed Options
All cabinets get two network feeds for Hot Swap Router Protocol (HSRP), so if our primary connection to you fails, you are still up and moving data. Each of these network connections to Colo4Dallas is served from a separate switch for redundancy.

Colo4Dallas offers direct feeds from three tier 1 carriers and optimize for performance, not the lowest cost. With our simple network map connecting you to state-of-the-art equipment, we'll get you as close to the cloud as possible, with the utmost in reliability and redundancy. And you'll have all the speed you expect - guaranteed - without latency or packet loss, thanks to our Gigabit Ethernet connections and Internap Flow Control Platform (FCP).

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"Some people say you get what you pay for but as far as I'm concerned with A1 you get more than what you pay for." Smcugno

"Would recommend to friends and family" Hedgehog

"The admin/support at has been most helpful " Marcus

"Just perfect. Would Recommend this host to everyone but in particular to newbies" Siblu

"A1WHS is probably one of if not the best and most affordable hosts out there right now" Aaron

"I would highly recommend hosting with A1 Web Hosting Solutions. I am ever so pleased and very happy" Samantha

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